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Humiliation POV Princess Lucy and Nikki Next: Teen Brats Annihilate Tiny Dick Neighborhood Perv

Added: 01-09-2015

Hey perv, we know you’ve been watching us. We see the way you look at us and we see how you rub yourself through your pants. You’re such a perv, staring at younger girls in the neighborhood. And since you’ve been such a bad man, you’re going to take your pants off and show us what you’ve got, or… we’re gonna tell your wife that you perv on young girls. We’ll tell her what a sick fucking perv you are! So do it, drop those pants! C’mon we know you want to, you’ve fantasized about this.

LOL! OMG! That’s the smallest penis I’ve ever seen! Omg we can’t stop laughing! We didn’t know that a man could have such a small penis! LOL! That looks like a baby’s penis. Maybe you should jerk it a little bit, would that make it bigger? LOL I guess not! We can see you’re already hard just from us laughing at you! I mean like what is wrong with you? Go on, keep jerking it, it must get bigger. It’s literally the size of my thumb!

Look, he’s jerking with only two fingers! OMG that is so funny! Look how red you are! But you’re still so hard! So here you are in front of these two hot young girls, being laughed at, and you can’t get any bigger or harder than that?! Wow. That’s absolutely pathetic. And you’re married? Your poor wife. I’ll bet she’s never cum from your cock. I know you can’t please her with that thing. I’ll bet she makes you eat her out or I’ll bet she’s got a drawer full of toys.

We figured that since you’ve been checking us out so much that you must be packing something down there, but no, how sad. I mean you’re cute and all but what a fucking disappointment you are. No wonder you check us out and touch yourself, your wife must never fuck you. I honestly feel bad for her. You must make a lot of money to keep her because there’s no way she’s with you for your dick. But I can understand that, I mean I’d marry you if you had a lot of money, I’d just fuck guys on the side.

OMG this is fucking hysterical! We thought that since you stared at us you must want to fuck us but you must know that no girl wants to fuck that. And it’s so pathetic how excited you’re getting the more we talk about how tiny your dick is. Every time well tell you how tiny it is and that it would never satisfy anyone, it just twitches a little! LOL! Wow, we really feel sorry for you, just pull your pants up and get the fuck out of here. We were going to blackmail you but we can’t even do that, you’re too pathetic. Your small penis is punishment enough. You fucking loser.

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File Size : 308 MB
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