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Her Whip Test

Added: 22-02-2015

It’s the inevitable test that all slaves face at one point or another, that of the whip test. It’s to be expected though as girls like to know that their male property is able to absorb frequent pain from their whip both for their own amusement, and also as a way to entertain their girlfriends. This slave is now feeling the brunt of Sandy’s whip and it definitely takes him to the edge. Will he pass the whip test, or will he fail and be discarded for the next male pet in line?

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Tosay from 9 May 2015 21:10
In my opinion, the Whip Smart pocdast was first rate! Deserves some kind of journalistic award, in my opinion. The pocdast out-reported NPR's Terri Gross, and that's not easy to do. The interview with Melissa Febos about her book Whip Smart was simply excellent. I was not a fan of the book when it came out. I own it, and I read it. And re-read parts of it. Your interview with the author provided a whole new outlook on the book and her experience as a pro domme and addict. It made me appreciate more how she approached writing the book and how she approached being a Domme and being an addict. Having Alex as one of the interviewers, who comes at the profession from a completely different viewpoint, provided an irreplaceable counterpoint. Question to Axe: During the part where you discussed with her the coming out process and what it is like to have come out , did you get the sense she was more embarrassed(?) about being a pro domme or being an addict? Which is worse, drugs or sex work, in the eyes of her peers and administration? Axe, I will take some exception to your thoughts that parents should appreciate the honesty of a professor who admits to those particular demons. As a parent I do not want their teacher discussing their personal experiences with drugs. That is because, as a successful professor, they are sending the message to kids that it is okay for their students to try drugs because their teacher turned out all right. No matter what she says, the kids will think that heroin is survivable and can lead to a published book and a good job. I don't think hers is the experience of most herion addicts. Nor do I subscribe to the it's the quiet ones who blow philosophy; there is a communicative process logistical thinking distortion there. Not all quiet ones have secrets to blow over, some, if not the vast majority, are just quiet. (Ray Charles is not God because he is blind, and God is love and love is blind). That aside, this was an excellent, triumphant piece of journalism and interviewing skills that tackled a tough, controversial subject and book extremely well. Very well done!
Alexandra from 10 May 2015 14:51
I loved this interview. Thank you for <a href="">hanivg</a> Melissa on. I enjoyed her take on her book, on the criticism and I agree with her reactions to many of the questions she's been getting. Why women believe it is woman's job to take care of anyone in any fully consensual, adult situation always blows my mind. These men, who sound as if they're all older, some twice her age, are fully capable of making decisions. I understand she was on drugs, these men either knew it or not and went through sessions with her. They could have requested another domme if they felt she was a threat. In short, it was a consensual experience. So, stop blaming anyone. I haven't read the book, yet, though my interest is definitely peaked and I will be ordering it shortly after finishing this comment. Thank you Melissa for being strong, smart and true to yourself. You're a real inspiration, as corny as it may sound, it's true. I hope the vanilla world can reconcile itself to the reality that is human sexuality some day. Thank you for the Masocast. I'm predominantly dominant in my relationship, though I'm so thrilled to learn new techniques so I'm more a sponge than a top or bottom. Looking forward to the next interview, and reading the book. xoxoK

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