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Princess Kaylynn - You Will Beg for the Key, Just for Five Minutes of Jerking

Added: 12-03-2018

Do you see this key loser? I’ll bet you know exactly what it goes to. This is the key to your lock loser. And I have it and I’m putting it in my bra for safe keeping. I’ll bet you’d do anything to get it back, wouldn’t you? Soon you’ll be begging me for the key. I know how pathetic you get when you’re locked up. It’s a shame I don’t plan on letting you out any time soon. But you can keep begging.

You’re such a loser, I had to lock you up just so you’d stop masturbating. You don’t do anything but jerkoff, wanking all day. It’s pathetic. You can’t control yourself. I know you loser, I know what you need. And after I lock you up, your addiction to me is going to grow. You’re going to need me more and more. And you’ll find yourself willing to do anything for your key. I’m going to abuse your cock, your wallet and your mind while your cock remains locked for me.

You’re going to grow more desperate and more pathetic. You are going to have to jump through hoops to please me to get this key. You know that, right? I’m going to dangle this key in front of your face and you can’t do anything about it. I hold the power to your manhood. Your masculinity is threatened as long as your key is in my possession.

I’ll bet you’re aching for release. You’re going to have to give me your life to get this key. You are going to have to sign over everything to me just for this key, for release, for five minutes of being unlocked. You will truly sacrifice just for five minutes. It’s not my fault you have a chronic masturbation problem. I’m just here to teach you a lesson.

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