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Kelly Sunshine - Stupid Spending Addict - Need It To Hurt, You Know You Do

Added: 30-03-2016

As much as I love every single dollar that I drain out of you financial domination addicts, lets be honest, we both know that youre holding back, we know thats not all you want to do, you know those small tributes that you give to me. Your ten, twenty even fifty dollar tributes arent enough. You know I want to hurt you financially. I want to hurt you so bad, I want to drain everything from you. And you need to admit it to yourself, you love the financial pain. You thrive off of it. Its just not good enough if youre not hurting. The fact is, the pain of spending, thats what makes you hard, thats what makes your fucking cock twitch.
The more you spend the weaker you get, the more it hurts, the harder you get. I want to make you spend so much that youre filled with regret. I want to make you feel that pain because thats all youre really good for. I wanna make you feel as stupid and helpless as you really are. As soon as you pay off your credit card, Im going to max it out again. Im going to drain you over and over again and I want it to hurt. And the thing is, you want it to hurt too. Because thats what gets your cock hard as a rock because this is what you need.
You keep coming back for more and more because you need that rush, that thrill of excitement each time I drain you, each time I make it hurt more. You havent gone bankrupt, yet. But you think about it. Even just hearing me say that makes you so fucking hard. I know that each time you send me your cash youre jerking off trying to get a bigger and bigger orgasm. Its always good but you want more, you need your orgasm to be bigger than the one before. You want more and I want more.
This is all youre good for, you arent worth a damn thing except for your wallet. And you know it. Youre a spending addict. You cant stop. And do you know what? I dont give a fuck about you. All that youre good for is your fucking cash. And you need it so bad, you need to pay. You need me, youre addicted to me, youre fucking hopeless. I want you to spend until youre sobbing in your bed all alone, jerking your cock listening to my voice, knowing that I own your wallet.

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Format: Windows Media
File Size : 243 MB
Duration: 00:07:04
Video: VC-1, 960 x 540, , 4696 Kbps
Audio: WMA, 2 channels, 96.0 Kbps



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