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HumiliationPOV - Princess London Lix - Euphoric Mindwashing, Ego Abuse And Complete Self Esteem Destruction

Added: 07-05-2018

You are a loser, and that’s exactly what you are going to feel like by the time I’m done destroying your brain today. Did your cock twitch just hearing me utter those words? I hope so because you came here for this, didn’t you? Some people like to indulge in hyp n0 s!s to build up their ego and repair the damage that society has done. But for you, it is far too late.
There is only this downward spiral of depression and despair which is all too easy for a fucked up loser like you to fall into. Sink down for me as you gaze at my perfection, knowing that I will be your complete undoing.

Normal men aren’t tugging their cocks, waiting for a powerful woman to take control of them. But you are. So go on, jerk it. Let your how pathetic you truly are to wash over you and sink in to your weak brain. With every pump of that cock, you are going to let me chip away at your self esteem. I’m going to destroy your mind. Pump that loser cock as you prepare to repeat my degrading mantras and you will find them echoing away in your mind.

My mantras will wash away any positive thoughts you ever had. Let those negative thoughts that I am planting begin to spin in your mind as u lose yourself in my voice. Let all of your insecurities consume you. I am going to fill your mind with every negative thought you’ve ever had, and they are going to eat away at your brain until they consume whatever positive thoughts you may still hold on to. I’m going to verbally destroy you loser and it’s going to hurt. The more you allow my thoughts to penetrate you, the less of man you’ll become.

Now you are going to sink down deeper, further into this spell. I want you to fall for me. So I want you to edge that cock so I can really start doing some damage. Sink down deeper. You are planted here and you’re not going anywhere. Now you’re trapped as I begin to spill some truths into your brain. Allow these thoughts to wash your mind away. You’re not a real man are you? You’re just a jerkoff loser. Real men don’t crave ego abuse, psyche abuse, and mental destruction. You are not a real man.

You will never please a woman with your dick. You will always have to pay for attention. You will never lead a normal sex life. Pussy is not for losers. No one likes you, it’s why you’re here. You have no friends, no family who care, you just have this. You hold on to hope that one day this will all be over, but it won’t. This is all there is 4 you. There is no hope. This is your sex life. Completely digital and devoid of human contact and intimacy. All attention transactional. Pump that cock, the more you stroke the easier it is to fall into this self esteem destruction bliss. Allowing me to fuck with your mind feels so good. Right now as you sink even deeper you realize that you wouldn’t be as hard as you are right now, as dazed, dizzy and euphoric as you are, if you weren’t getting off on this. Being a loser turns you on.

Pump harder, lose yourself in this, it feels so good. It is so easy to give in to complete self esteem destruction. You don’t have the will power to fight me. You know that you’ll never break free of this addiction. You know there is no cure, there’s only this. It’s the path of least resistance, there’s nothing to do but give in. I’m chipping away at your mind, I’m destroying more ego than you could possibly understand. I am going to condition your brain to love this. You paid to have your mind destroyed. And when u cum you’ll truly know how good it feels to have your brain broken by a hot brat who doesn’t give a fuck about you.

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