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Miss Tiffany Go Into Debt For My Ass, The Thought Makes You Throb

Added: 12-03-2018

It’s time to admit it loser, you are quite literally going into debt for my ass. My perfect ass is slowly draining that wallet of yours. And it started out so small. You just bought one ass worship clip, and then another. And then you started watching my financial domination ass clips. That’s where you fucked up. You realized that the more you paid my ass, the more you got turned on.Paying my ass made you so hard, harder than anything else. You couldn’t stop thinking about it, becoming addicted and obsessed. Soon you found yourself buying up all my ass worship and financial domination clips. Spending more than you should, unable to stop yourself. Admit it, you’re hooked. You need every single ass worship that I make. Your addiction just grows, you just can’t stop stroking that dick of yours to paying my perfect ass. You keep spending more and more without even realizing it. Falling deeper and deeper for my sexy young ass.And this feeling of paying my ass won’t go away. Now that you’ve bought all my clips you feel this urge to spend even more. So you start paying my ass every time you jerk to it, every time you cum to it. It feels so good. And soon you’ve found yourself going into debt just to pay my ass. And that thought turned you on even more. You’re so fucked. My ass is going to fucking bankrupt you, and just hearing me say that made your cock throb, that’s how I know you’re fucked.It feels so fucking good to know that I’m draining your wallet with my ass. I want you applying for new credit cards, I want you to go bankrupt for my ass. All just so you can worship it from your computer. Go in debt for my ass loser. I know you’re getting weak at the thought of the idea. You crave financial ruination by my ass. We both know that nothing makes you cum harder than when you’re paying my ass. I don’t only want you weak and obsessed with my perfect ass, I want you so fucking vulnerable that you can’t help but go into debt for it. You can’t take your eyes off my ass for one second because you know it’s true. You need to pay my ass, you know how hard you cum after you do. Your cock is throbbing in your hand as you think about going deeper and deeper into debt for my ass.

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